Period 12 Hostess & Customer Special

Good from   November 7th ~ December 5th 2015

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Princess House Party and you get to choose 2 of these Hostess Specials

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Hostess Specials
Requires $350 in Customers Sales and one booking.
Limited one of each item.

Limited time only

Fantasia Bake, Serve & Store 3Qt Casserole (5495)
Just $17.95*
Premium Hostess Specials

Choose one!

With a
Party and 1 booking, choose 1 Premium Hostess special
(in addition to your two Hostess specials).

Limited Time Offer 

Those needing something in Spanish need to contact the Home office at 508-823-6800

Aquellos que necesitan algo en Español necesitan comunicarse con la oficina central en 508-823-6800
Party Sale of
Half-Price Item
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$290 & up
Hostess Specials**
(see the current specials)
Up to 2
Up to 2
Up to 2
Hostess Specials**
(see the current specials)
See all the rewards you can earn as a Hostess.....

*Earn an EXTRA half-price item at each Shop+Share Booked from yours

**Hostess Specials and Premium Hostess Specials require a minimum of one booking
• Fantasia® Seal-Tight Red 6-Pc. Store + More Bowl Set

JUST $24.95
Poinsettia Dinnerware Set, 16-pc (4752)
- Set not in catalog!
Just $49.95*
In Catalog
NEW! Culinario Series™ Healthy 9" Round Griddle (6976),
Just $24.95*

Customer Specials

- and/or -
Princess Heritage® Tri-Ply Stainless Steel
7-Qt. Sear & Simmer Pan  (6160)

Just $44.95
Super Premium Hostess Specials
Requires a minimum of $750 in Customer Sales and one booking.
Pavillion™ Berry 32-Piece
Dinnerware Set (4756)
Just $99.95
Culinario Series™ Healthy 12" Sauté Pan with Silicone Straining Lid

JUST $39.95

Find out about sales items

Sale ends December 5th 2015  
Culinario Series™ Steak Knife Set (8) (3701)
Just $39.95*
#3202 Meridian™ Over-the-Door Organizer JUST $19.95

#5641 Culinario Series™ Flexible Spatula. JUST $19.95

#4760 Fantasia® Seal-Tight 4.75-Cup Storage Container & Sandwich Helper
(929, 347)  Not in the catalog!

JUST $24.95

#5290 Fantasia® Cafe Mugs (4)

JUST $34.95

#3702 Culinario Series™ 7" Santoku Knife

JUST $49.95

#6897 Culinario Series™ Healthy 10" Skillet

JUST $69.95

#3602 Princess Moderna™ Infusion Beverage Dispenser.

JUST $99.95

#6103 Princess Heritage® Stainless Steel Classic 8-Qt. Stockpot & Steamer Insert

JUST $99.95

#5675 Culinario Series™ Healthy 6-Qt. Dutch Oven & Collapsible Steamer .
JUST $99.95

#5608 Mi Cocina by Princess House® Casserole +More JUST $119.95