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Aquellos que necesitan algo en Español necesitan comunicarse
con la oficina central en 508-823-6800
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#377 Princess House® Specialty Clip-on Pot Strainer 

JUST $14.95

#412 Princess Heritage® Beer Mugs (pair)

JUST $16.95

#621 Marissa Toss-It Tongs

JUST $19.95

#707 Meridian™ Napkin Holder 

JUST $19.95

#4747 Princess House® Specialty Soap Dispensing Scrub Brush + Brush Replacements (pair) -  Set not sold in Catalog! 

JUST $19.95

#5641 Culinario Series™ Flexible Spatula 

JUST $19.95

#4726 Princess House® Specialty Pancake Set - Set not sold in Catalog!

JUST $29.95

#808 Pavillion™ Berry Pasta Bowls (4)

JUST $49.95

#6977 Culinario Series™ Healthy 13" Round Griddle
JUST $89.95

#6210 Princess Heritage® Tri-Ply Stainless Steel 3½-Qt. Simmer Pot
JUST $99.95

#6809 Princess Heritage® Stainless Steel Classic 8¾-Qt. Deep Casserole - Not sold in Catalog! JUST $109.95

#6314 Princess Heritage® Stainless Steel Classic 15-Qt. Stockpot & Steaming Rack JUST $159.95
Sale ends July 17th 2015   

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